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Google has confirmed it acquired WIMM Labs last year/ Casio/ Warning About Security on Android Phones


U.S. Government Issues Warning About Security on Android Phones

   http://cn.nytimes.com/technology/20130830/c30android/dual/  Google Confirms It Has Acquired Android Smartwatch Maker WIMM ... TechCrunch
Google has confirmed it acquired WIMM Labs last year, a company that previously made an Android-powered smartwatch before shuttering operations in 2012.
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Google Purchases Wearable Computing Device Maker WIMM Labs ... International Business Times
Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) quietly acquired smart watch maker WIMM Labs, a year ago, in an apparent move that gives the search engine giant a head start ...
 品質眾生相 (118--122):

......卡西歐認為自己是有優勢的,因為像手錶這種可佩帶裝置對堅固性及耐用性要求遠高於科技公司所熟悉的那個標準。 手錶可能一不小心就會碰到牆上或浸入水中。G-Shcok系列手錶能夠抵抗極大地衝擊,它們經過了利用定製機器進行的嚴格測試,這些機器將它們壓到一塊混 凝土板上,用鎚子敲打它們,並搖動、轉動手錶,然後把它們浸入水中。
「卡西歐在市場預測方面做得非常好,」在東京工作的獨立技術分析師賽爾坎·托托(Serkan Toto)說。「但如果蘋果或三星用具備更強大功能、更好設計及更好的操作系統的手錶進入這個市場,那就會有麻煩了。」
G-Shock系列手錶、Baby-G系列手錶和其他堅固 耐用的電子手錶,利潤率接近20%,使其成為日本電子產業的忌妒對象。自2005年前後,卡西歐的人氣猛漲,部分是因為《碟中諜》(Mission Impossible)、《黑衣人》(Men in Black)等電影中巧妙的產品植入。
在那以後,日元疲軟對卡西歐起到了很大幫助。摩根士丹利三菱日聯金融集團(Morgan Stanley MUFG)的分析師預計,由於G-Shock系列手錶十分暢銷,今年卡西歐的凈利潤提升將近30%,達到169億日元(約合10.5億元人民幣)。.......

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Google, eBay, Same-Day Delivery...Googling Yourself in high-tech eyewear.


Bits Blog

Microsoft Cuts Deal With Activist Shareholder to Avoid Fight


The saga of Steve Ballmer's exit from Microsoft deepened on Friday with an agreement between Microsoft and an activist shareholder, ValueAct Capital, that averts a potentially nasty battle over the company's lagging performance.
Googling Yourself Takes on a Whole New Meaning


The latest in high-tech eyewear.

Verizon-Vodafone Impact: 'Colossal'

Talks for Verizon Wireless Could Give Vodafone Cash to Spend in Europe, Create Openings for AT&T


Google, eBay set sights on same-day delivery San Jose Mercury News
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Silicon Valley tech companies like to move fast and sometimes break things. Now they are trying to bring that high-speed innovation to the ...


Digits Blog

Facebook Tests “Trending” Section in News Feed

Twitter's General Counsel to Depart Company

Microsoft Pressing Ahead with Lawsuit on U.S. Spying Orders

Apple to Pay up to $280 Credit for Used iPhones

Apple Seeks Trademark in Malaysia

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Hugo Barra 加入小米( Xiaomi)



Google, Microsoft Press Lawsuits for Right to Release More ... Wired
Perennial competitors in the search realm, Google and Microsoft have set down their swords to press the U.S. government in court for the right to publish ...
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Google, eBay set sights on same-day delivery San Jose Mercury News
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Silicon Valley tech companies like to move fast and sometimes break things. Now they are trying to bring that high-speed innovation to the ...
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Scoop: Google acquired WIMM Labs to bolster its own smartwatch ... GigaOM
Samsung isn't the only one looking to launch a smartwatch. Google quietly snapped up a smartwatch company last year that could lay the foundation for its own ...
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Google's Android Chief Joins Chinese Startup Wall Street Journal
BEIJING—Google Inc.'s vice president in charge of Android will join Xiaomi Corp., a little-known Chinese smartphone startup, in a sign of the growing influence ...
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Google, Telstra, Microsoft rail against cloud regulation ZDNet
Summary: Google, Telstra, and Microsoft warn against mandatory cloud services regulations; would harm start-ups, small business and cloud providers.
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What Google Glass aspires to be CNET
Making smart glasses isn't Google's primary goal. Glass is a vehicle for its software platform, turning contextual data for each user into digital assistants that are ...
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Google Cofounder Sergey Brin And Wife Anne Wojcicki Are No ... Houston Chronicle
Anne Wojcicki and sergey brin at fashion show Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife, 23andMe co-founder, Anne Wojcicki are living apart, reports ...
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Google Android exec poached by China's Xiaomi GlobalPost
China's Xiaomi has poached a key Google executive involved in the tech giant's Android phones, in a move seen as a coup for the rapidly growing Chinese ...
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Google Android feeling brain drain? Network World
Network World - And just like that, Google I/O 2014 will be a different show – vice president of Android product management Hugo Barra abruptly announced ...
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Google Vice President for Android Joins Chinese Smartphone ... Wall Street Journal
BEIJING--Google Inc.'s vice president in charge of Android will join Xiaomi, a little known Chinese smartphone startup, in a sign of the growing influence of ...
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Another Google bombshell: Android exec Hugo Barra resigns Los Angeles Times
His departure comes on the heels of the revelation that Google co-founder Sergey ... Android, indisputably one of the most important endeavors at Google, has ...
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Google Glass Gets Road Test InformationWeek
Google wants people to see Glass as a fashion accessory. But the company might be better off promoting its wearable computing device as an automotive ...
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Robot Taxis Can Save The World—Here's How Slate Magazine
Google's eye-popping $258 million investment in the car-hailing app company Uber made headlines last week. It's the search giant's biggest-ever venture ...
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Google Doodle Marks 50th Anniversary of King's 'I Have a Dream ... Search Engine Watch
Today's Google Doodle celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, which he gave on August 28, 1963 during the March on Washington for ...
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Google Glass, 'phablets' like Samsung Galaxy Mega and ... New York Daily News
The forecast for booming future tablet sales just got a good Glass-kicking. The rise of smartphones with larger screens, and the advent of wearable technology ...
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Google Vice President for Android Joins Xiaomi Wall Street Journal
BEIJING—Google Inc.'s vice president in charge of Android will join Xiaomi, a little known Chinese smartphone startup, in a sign of the growing influence of ...
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Google's Brin, wife split amid talk of affair San Francisco Chronicle
Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife are living apart amid allegations that he has "become romantically involved" with a Google employee, according to ...
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Google Android Brain Heads to Chinese Competitor CIO Today
Hugo Barra is a logical hire for Xiaomi. It's not clear whether his personal life and recent breakup with a co-worker played any role in his decision to leave ...
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Google's soap opera is the talk of tech MarketWatch
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Leading tech stocks such as Apple Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. rose in trading Thursday, and the overall sector got a boost ...
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Google VP Hugo Barra joins Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi ZDNet
Summary: Former Google executive Hugo Barra has joined Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi to help the company develop and manage its product ...
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Tangled web sees Android head Hugo Barra leaving Google for China's Xiaomi

Key Android executive to depart for Chinese smartphone maker amid upheaval at Google

Google Nexus 7 launch: Hugo Barra
Hugo Barra at the launch of the original Google Nexus 7 in 2012. Photograph: Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images
Hugo Barra, who revolutionised the appearance of Android after joining Google in March 2008, is leaving to work at Xiaomi, a rapidly growing smartphone maker which has been dubbed "China's Apple".

Barra's move, announced on his Google+ page, is a surprise. He had been a figurehead for the development of Android, most recently being seen showing off Google's new Nexus 7 tablet at its unveiling in June.

Having joined from the speech company Nuance, Barra moved up rapidly inside Google, and quickly became head of Android's overall product management. He oversaw key design changes, with the shift from Android 2.x to the more fluid 4.x interface.

Barra's move to Xiaomi is a coup for the Chinese company, which has earned a name for its attempts to mimic many of Apple's external approaches. Despite having only been founded in June 2010, it is aiming for total sales of $4.5bn this year, offering smartphones with miUI, its own custom version of the open-source version of Android - which it updates every week. It sells its phones directly from its website, and also offers internet services.
Barra's move means that the strategic direction of Android will come under intense focus.

Earlier this year Andy Rubin, who originally developed Android as part of an independent company that was bought by Google in 2005, stepped down from the team to "start a new chapter at Google".

Rubin was replaced by Sundar Pichai, who had previously been head of the desktop Chrome OS team - suggesting to observers that Android might over time be merged with ChromeOS to produce a single codebase, as Microsoft has done with Windows and Windows Phone.

AllThingsD reports that Barra's departure also comes after upheaval in his personal life. It says he recently ended a relationship with another worker at Google, reportedly a member of the Google Glass team - who is now, AllThingsD reports, in a relationship with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who has recently split from his wife Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of the genetic testing company 23andme.

Barra's departure is said not to be linked to his personal life. A Google spokesperson told Techcrunch that "We'll all miss him at Google and we're excited that he is staying within the Android ecosystem."

 谷歌(Google)移動平台主管離開不到半年後,其安卓(Android)管理團隊的一位高管將跳槽至快速增長的中國手機廠商小米。安卓產品管理副總裁雨果•巴拉(Hugo Barra)在谷歌工作五年之後辭職。此前他負責領導安卓產品團隊,監督該操作系統的開發和谷歌程序在上面的運行。巴拉將加入中國消費電子行業的寵兒小米,幫助其拓展大中華區以外的業務。最近小米的估值已經達到100億美元。作為三星電子(Samsung Electronics)和蘋果(Apple)的低成本競爭對手,小米生產的智能手機採用定製版的安卓。巴拉曾在最近舉行的谷歌活動期間,展示了世界最大移動平台的各項改進以及最新款的Nexus 7平板電腦。在巴拉離職的消息爆出的時候,谷歌聯合創始人謝爾蓋•布林(Sergey Brin)也被曝與妻子分居。據悉布林正與一名在Google Glass營銷部門工作的員工戀愛,而她此前曾是巴拉的女友。谷歌的一名消息人士表示,巴拉的離開與這場三角戀沒有關係。巴拉未回應記者的置評請求。在他離去之前,今年3月份的時候,谷歌安卓管理團隊曾進行調整,最終谷歌Chrome瀏覽器和上網本平台主管桑德爾•皮帥(Sundar Pichai)接替長期擔任安卓主管的安迪•魯賓( Andy Rubin)。魯賓調任谷歌內部另一個未透露的職務。最新手機價格低至130美元的小米,是中國比較有雄心的智能手機製造商之一。中國低端設備市場近年繁榮發展。在品牌造勢方面經常被人與蘋果相提並論的小米,計劃進一步向遊戲等數字服務拓展。其投資者包括新加波主權財富基金淡馬錫(Temasek)。在谷歌社交網絡的一個帖子上,巴拉表示他將加入小米,幫助其拓展“全球產品組合和業務”。目前,小米手機僅在中國大陸、香港以及台灣銷售。譯者/王慧玲

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Google Chrome/ New York Times Site — Down or Up?

2013.9.29 7:30
Firefox 找不到伺服器 global.nytimes.com
我看過下篇. 採用Google 的Chrome 馬上就可上紐約時報

Aug 28, 2013
News Makers

New York Times Site — Down or Up? 


12:38 pm
Aug 28, 2013
News Makers

New York Times Site — Down or Up?

The New York TimesNYT -1.90% website appeared to be back online for many users Tuesday night following an attack by the Syrian Electronic Army that also hit Twitter and the Huffington Post.
But some web users Wednesday said the site was still down — even as the newspaper and Melbourne IT, the company that registers its domain name, said things should be back to normal.
Who’s right? Both could be, actually.
The Internet relies on a type of short-term memory called cache to speed up browsing. The DNS cache stores the translations of domain names like nytimes.com into IP addresses. That’s separate from the caching done by a Web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, which helps static parts of pages load faster.

When a website goes down, like the New York Times did, there can be a lag for some people in accessing the fixed site. Times Co. spokeswoman Eileen Murphy said the false address created by the Syrian Electronic Army hadn’t been completely flushed out by some Internet service providers. That helps explain why some people have been able to access The New York Times site Wednesday and others haven’t.

Times Co., on its Twitter account, recognized some people were still having trouble connecting, and tweeted out instructions every few hours on accessing an alternate site.

Facebook Releases Report on Government Requests

Facebook announced that government groups in 74 countries demanded information about more than 37,954 accounts during the first six months of 2013.

Bits Blog

Facebook Releases Report on Government Requests


The company for the first time released a report, which covers the first six months of 2013, on the number of user data requests it received from agencies around the globe.






臉書法務長史崔奇(Colin Stretch)表示:「透明與信任是臉書的核心價值。」






臉書按個讚 個人資訊恐都露

用Android手機下載臉書APP 電話恐外流

臉書隱私沒設好 行蹤全都露

Judge Wants Narrow Focus in Apple Price-Fixing Penalty

Judge Wants Narrow Focus in Apple Price-Fixing Penalty

Saying she wished to “intrude as little as possible” on Apple’s business, a federal judge said on Tuesday that she wanted to narrowly focus the company’s proposed punishment for illegal price fixing of e-books.
In a hearing in United States District Court in Manhattan, Judge Denise L. Cote rejected an argument by the Justice Department that the government should have broad oversight over Apple products like movies, music, television and apps.
“I want this injunction to rest as lightly as possible on the way Apple runs its business,” said Judge Cote, who added that it was her goal to complete a ruling next week.
The federal government sued Apple and five major publishers in April 2012, saying they worked together to raise the price of e-books as Apple prepared to open its iBookstore in 2010.
The ensuing trial included testimony from the chief executives of publishing houses, who recounted phone calls, private dinners and e-mails with Apple executives, which the government said were part of a conspiracy. Apple was found guilty in July. The company has said it will appeal.
Apple and the government met in court on Tuesday to review the details of the proposed injunction, which would require Apple to negotiate with publishers at defined intervals so that they were prevented from illegally conspiring again.
The Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster settled with the government in April 2012; Penguin Group USA and Macmillan settled later. Penguin has since merged with the largest trade publisher, Random House, which was not part of the lawsuit.
The publishers said they had done nothing wrong.
Despite Apple’s objections, Judge Cote said on Tuesday that she would appoint an external monitor to review and evaluate Apple’s internal antitrust policies and procedures. The monitor would also evaluate an antitrust training program for some Apple employees that it is expected to put into place.
The training program, Judge Cote said, would ideally become “a model for American business.”
“I am hopeful that Apple will bring its culture of excellence and exceptionalism to this task,” Judge Cote said. “I trust it will make a sincere commitment to reform its culture.”
She suggested that Apple employees under the supervision of Eddy Cue, the company’s senior vice president for Internet software and services, would be expected to participate in the training program. Mr. Cue testified in the trial about his negotiations with publishers.
Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., a lawyer for Apple, said at the hearing that Apple believed it had “strong arguments” for its appeal.

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New York Times website down after suspected hacking

New York Times website down after suspected hacking

NYT The newspaper continued to tweet news after going offline

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The New York Times website has gone offline for the second time this month after what the company described as a "malicious external attack".
On its Facebook page, the Times said it was working to fix the outage, which appears to have started at 15:00 local time (19:00 GMT) on Tuesday.
A technical problem knocked NYTimes.com offline on 14 August.
Analysts said evidence showed a group supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was behind Tuesday's attack.
The website was partially back online three hours later, although some users still reported difficulties. During the outage the New York Times published new articles on its Facebook page as well as a mirror site.
Mark Frons, the company's chief information officer, warned New York Times employees the attack was perpetrated by the Syrian Electronic Army, which backs Mr Assad, "or someone trying very hard to be them".
He cautioned staff to "be careful when sending e-mail communications until this situation is resolved".
Security experts said there was enough evidence to link the hacking group to the outage.
"The NYTimes.com domain is pointing at SyrianElectronicArmy.com which maps to an IP address in Russia, so it's clearly a malicious attack," Ken Westin, a security researcher for Tripwire, an online security company, told the BBC.
In a separate posting on Tuesday, the group also claimed responsibility for hacking Twitter's administrative contact information.
'More attacks' Recently, the Washington Post, CNN and Time magazine websites were targeted in attacks attributed to supporters of the group.
"Media attacks seem to be escalating and moving away from annoying, simple denial of service attacks and toward full domain compromise which, if successful, puts millions of NYT website users at risk," said Mr Westin.
As it did after the first New York Times outage, competitor Wall Street Journal took down its pay wall and offered its content free to all visitors.
In January, the New York Times said hackers had accessed its website and stolen the passwords of 53 employees after it published a report on the wealth of China Premier Wen Jiabao's family.
Michael Fey, chief technology officer at cybersecurity firm McAfee, said that as long as media organisations play a crucial role in reporting news and influencing debate, they will continue to be targets of cyber-attacks.
"Regardless of technology or tactics deployed, we should expect to see more of these attacks,'' he said.

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Google's 20% Mistake Wall Street Journal
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Apple TV Adds Disney, Vevo Apps

 編寫應用程式  內部陳列的"東西"即可被圈起來出售........

Aug 27, 2013

Amazon Adds In-App Sale of Real Goods

Days of Wonder
Amazon wants its retail store to always be just a click away.
The Seattle retail giant announced Tuesday that developers can allow physical goods from Amazon.com to be purchased through just about any Android app. That means users could buy an actual calendar to hang on their wall while using a calendar app, or spices from a recipe app.
It is easy to imagine how the new in-app purchasing could appeal for marketers: Stick a virtual pair of the latest Air Jordan shoes on a game character and offer them at a discount.
The announcement is one more sign of how Amazon aims to replace both the corner and department stores by offering nearly all consumer goods with just a click. The company has in recent weeks begun selling fine art and wine, as well as fresh produce in new markets.
Eric Hautemont, chief executive of game maker Days of Wonder, said the new program was a no-brainer. “How else can we close the loop between digital and physical?” said Hautemont. “Our customers want to be able to make these purchases easily.”
Days of Wonder, based in Los Altos, Calif., will offer a new version of its game “Ticket to Ride” in a digital and physical version starting Tuesday, Hautemont said. The physical board game will be sent to customers through Amazon’s own warehouses.
Developers need to opt-in to the new in-app purchasing function by downloading software from Amazon and choosing which physical goods from the retailer’s site they wish to display. Depending on how much merchandise they move each month, developers get between a 4% and 6% commission on the products they sell through an app, in addition to any commission they get through the Amazon site, said a spokeswoman.
The announcement comes just days after Facebook backed off an initiative to sell physical goods like teddy bears and cupcakes through its social media site, due to slow sales. That program had been viewed as a potential threat to Amazon.
Amazon decided to roll out the in-app purchasing of physical goods after a successful test with Activision’s “Skylanders Cloud Patrol” game last year. Users could buy plastic toy versions of Skylanders characters directly through the app for delivery to their home and were also given digital versions to play in the game.
The Amazon spokeswoman declined to discuss specifics of the Skylanders promotion and Activision representatives didn’t respond to a request for comment.
Corrections & Amplifications
Amazon will allow physical goods to be purchased through nearly any Android app. An earlier version of this article said the sales would happen through apps on Kindle.

Attackers are using built-in features of the Chrome and Firefox Web browsers to install malicious software that can

Bits Blog Malicious Software Poses as Video from a Facebook Friend

Attackers are using built-in features of the Chrome and Firefox Web browsers to install malicious software that can se everything stored in the browser, including saved passwords for e-mail and social network accounts, according to Italian security researchers.

Facebook Market Value Tops $100 Billion Amid Mobile Push
Facebook Unveils Shared Photo Albums

Google's self-certified hypocrisy ZDNet
Google's self-certified hypocrisy. Summary: Google's policies for accepting SSL certificates from web sites in Chrome are getting smarter and more restrictive.
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Google Inc. became what experts believe is the first company to extend technology services to Iranians under an authorization issued by the U.S. Treasury ...
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Google's Palestine domain hacked over 'Israel' term Al-Arabiya
Hackers appeared to successfully hack into Google Palestine domain, protesting the term “Israel” used in Google maps. (Al Arabiya). Tweet. Mustapha Ajbaili, Al ...
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Google's all grown up, and that's too bad USA TODAY
When Larry Page became CEO of Google in 2011, Steve Jobs offered him some advice: "Figure out what Google wants to be when it grows up. What are the five ...
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Google has been eager to get into television for a while now. First there was Google TV, which fell flat after content owners blocked it and consumers ...
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