2015年6月30日 星期二

Google and Facebook battle it out in video market; NGoogle AI robot answers the meaning of life

Google AI robot answers the meaning of life and tells humans how to be good The Independent

New York Post
Google and Facebook battle it out in video market
Google and Facebook were facing off for ad dollars here this week, with both companies operating out of huge beachside booths to pitch marketers on ...

Study Suggests That Google Has Its Thumb on Scale in Search;Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal in Google-Oracle Copyright Fight

Study Suggests That Google Has Its Thumb on Scale in Search


Researchers presented 2,690 web users with two different versions of Google and found that the users preferred results that linked to rival sites.


A years-long copyright fight between Google and Oracle will continue. At issue are the bits of code that help pieces of software work together, called Application Programming Interfaces.

2015年6月25日 星期四

Amazon Echo, a.k.a. Alexa, Google Street View scales new heights on El Capitan

Amazon Echo, a.k.a. Alexa, Is a Personal Aide in Need of Schooling


The Amazon Echo is an artificially intelligent personal assistant answering to the name Alexa. It's not yet heavy on the "intelligent," but could one day be useful.

Washington Post
Google can now take you on the breathtaking climb up Yosemite's El Capitan
But now, you can experience the climb from the comfort of your own mobile device, tablet or desktop, thanks to what Google is calling “our first-ever ...

2015年6月22日 星期一

EU Demands Major Changes to Google’s Search Rankings

EU Demands Major Changes to Google’s Search Rankings

Charge sheet says violations concern 12 countries and date back to 2008

The EU’s antitrust chief filed formal charges against Google in April, escalating her agency’s five-year-old investigation.ENLARGE
The EU’s antitrust chief filed formal charges against Google in April, escalating her agency’s five-year-old investigation. PHOTO:ASSOCIATED PRESS
LONDON—The European Union has demanded sweeping changes to the way Google Inc.ranks rival comparison-shopping services in its general search results and warned that the company could be fined for alleged past violations of EU antitrust law, according to a formal charge sheet that was sent to the U.S. search giant in April, three people familiar with the matter said.
The charge sheet, which runs more than 100 pages, calls on Google to use the “same underlying processes and methods” when presenting rival shopping-comparison services on its search page, the people said.
That demand for equal treatment of competitors goes far beyond Google’s own proposal last year to settle the concerns of the European Commission, the EU’s top antitrust authority, that Google skews search results in favor of its own specialist search services, like Google Shopping.
The EU’s latest approach has potentially far-reaching implications for how search operators do business in Europe in the future.
At issue is whether Google uses its overwhelming 90% share of online searches in Europe to squeeze competitors in related markets where it also competes.
The EU’s new antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, filed formal charges against Google in April, escalating her agency’s five-year-old investigation. The charges focused specificallyon Google’s comparison-shopping service, but Ms. Vestager said she also continued to examine other domains, such as travel and local services, where Google is accused of favoring its own services.
A redacted version of the charge sheet, which is known as a statement of objections, was sent Thursday to several of the companies that have filed formal complaints in Brussels over Google’s business practices, the people said. News Corp, which owns The Wall Street Journal, is one of the complainants.
The charge sheet claims that Google’s alleged abuses extend to 12 European countries and date back as far as 2008, the people said. The document warns that the EU could fine Google for the violations, the people said. The European Commission declined to comment.
Comparison-shopping sites such as Nextag say that when users search for products, Google features results from Google Shopping and relegates products featured on rival sites lower, where they may not be seen.
Google has repeatedly denied breaking EU antitrust rules. U.S. regulators closed their own investigation into Google’s search practices two years ago after the company agreed to voluntary changes.
Google couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. The company said in April that it strongly disagreed with the need to issue formal charges, and looked forward “to making our case over the weeks ahead.”
Ms. Vestager’s predecessor, Joaquín Almunia, sought three times to settle with Google, most recently in February last year. Under the latest deal, Google offered to reserve space near the top of its European search pages for competitors to serve specialized search results for things like hotel rooms alongside Google services that do the same thing.
But each settlement ultimately foundered amid criticism from the companies it was designed to protect.
Several of those companies indicated Friday that they would look more favorably on the EU’s latest solution.
Google has at least a few more weeks to respond to the EU’s charges, and can request an oral hearing with regulators to better present its case. The companies that filed complaints against Google have four weeks to file their own responses to the charge sheet.
The news of the charge sheet was first reported by MLex, a specialist news service for regulatory affairs.

2015年6月21日 星期日

FOX CT Google bans revenge porn. After Criticism From Taylor Swift, Apple to Pay Royalties

Google bans revenge porn
SAN FRANCISCO — Google is finally taking steps to remove “revenge porn” from its search results. The company announced a new policy on Friday ...

After Criticism From Taylor Swift, Apple to Pay Royalties

Less than 24 hours after Ms. Swift complained that Apple was not planning to pay royalties during a three-month trial period of its new streaming music service, the company changed course.

2015年6月20日 星期六

Google reveals images spontaneously created by its AI software ; Google to remove "revenge porn" from search results

Google said it will post a Web form for people to submit requests in the coming weeks.

This is what a computer’s dreams look like
Google has revealed what its most advanced artificial systems dream of -...

2015年6月17日 星期三

Google Signs Deals with Five Major Orchestras for New Online Music Store

Google and five of the world’s major orchestras announced an agreement Monday that will bring live concert recordings to a new classical music section of the Google Play online store.

The digital storefront is dubbed Classical Live.

2015年6月15日 星期一

Can Amazon Deliver the Goods in Private-label Groceries?



Can Amazon Deliver the Goods in Private-label Groceries?

If Amazon wants its plan to sell private label groceries to succeed, the company has to get things right on product quality and logistics.

2015年6月8日 星期一

Google on Artificial-Intelligence Panic: Get a Grip

“Whether it’s Terminator coming to blow us up or mad scientists looking to create quite perverted women robots, this narrative has somehow managed to dominate the entire landscape, which we find really quite remarkable.”
Over a year since it acquired London-based AI start-up DeepMind, Google still isn't talking about the makeup of its purported artificial intelligence ethics and safety board, despite increasing anxiety over the possible...

2015年6月1日 星期一



Entwicklerkonferenz Google I/O Google Developers Conference
(德國之聲中文網) 與舊版本相比,新智能手機的操作系統Android "M"的許多應用功能更加完善。例如顯示用戶所在位置以及如何為其提供幫助等功能。該系統的軟件可以自動提醒用戶去洗衣店去取已經洗好的衣服。
Android M 版的新支付系統
新的移動支付系統可以使用戶既能在商店也能通過手機上的應用程序上進行支付。谷歌同Mastercard 或者Visa等支付系統開發商合作開發了新的支付系統。但使用的前提之一是必須安裝Android 4.4 "Lollipop" 操作系統。
Entwicklerkonferenz Google I/O Google Developers Conference