2014年7月31日 星期四

Android L’s Material Design

Android L’s Material Design is not reserved only to the Android operating system or Google’s mobile apps, as the company wants to use the same design principles it formally unveiled at its I/O developers conference this year across the web. Furthermore, the company wants app developers to include the same Material Design elements in their own apps, and Google has so far showed what Material Design apps are supposed to look like. To further showcase Material Design, this time on a functional web page rather than by providing just concept images, Google has updated its Google Drive home pages (for Docs, Sheets and Slides) to Material Design.
Google announced the changes in a Google+ post titled. “Home screens for Docs, Sheets, and Slides are officially here!
“Now when you visit http://www.google.com/docs, http://www.google.com/sheets, orhttp://www.google.com/slides, you’ll find an easy way to get back to your most relevant and recently edited documents, spreadsheets, and presentations,” the company said, encouraging users to try out the new “+” button that hovers over the page – a Material Design element – to “quickly create something new.”
Other changes should be immediately noticeable to regular Google Drive users, including the simplified menu and extensive use of colors, as seen in the image above.
Google will be deploying Material Design across its online services, whether websites or mobile apps, by the end of the year, when Android L is also supposed to be rolled out.

Google Hangouts Dresses Up For Business
Google plans to add Hangouts to its Google Apps for Business suite and to enhance its Chromebox for meetings conferencing system in an effort to ...
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Google Glass enters operating room at Stanford
But doctors learning to become cardiothoracic surgeons at Stanford University Medical School will have to add a new one to that list:Google Glass.
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International Business Times
Google Inc. Just Moved Closer To Trademarking The Word 'Glass'
A woman wears Google Glass after a media presentation of aGoogle apartment in Prague May 15, 2014. The apartment is fully equipped with newest ...
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Google's European Privacy Rights Debate Forum Calls For Public To Weigh In
Earlier this month Google announced its committee of Google-selected “experts” who are sitting in public judgement on Europe's so-called 'right to be ...
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Google Searches Out Space in Its Own Building
Google already occupies hundreds of thousands of square feet at the 18-story, 2.9 million-square-foot property. But as the company has had explosive ...
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Google seeks public opinion on 'right to be forgotten'
These are just a couple of the questions thrown out by Google in a new Web form asking people affected by the "right to be forgotten" ruling to share ...
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Google's Material Design is about to change the way we look at the worldwide web
Android L's Material Design is not reserved only to the Android operating system or Google's mobile apps, as the company wants to use the same ...
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Google Capital-backed Credit Karma now offers full credit reports for free
NOTE: GrowthBeat -- VentureBeat's provocative new marketing-tech event -- is a week away! We've gathered the best and brightest to explore the ...
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Google Analytics Can Now Exclude Traffic From Known Bots And Spiders
Google made a small but important update to Google Analytics today that finally makes it easy to exclude bots and spiders from your user stats.
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Maximum PC
64-bit Google Chrome browser moves into beta
Google's 64-bit Chrome browser took the last step before being formally released, as Google published a 64-bit beta of the browseron Wednesday ...

2014年7月28日 星期一

Google, IEEE offer $1 mn for 'laptop' sized power inverter

Tech giant Google is offering a prize of USD one million (about Rs 6 crore) for building a compact solution for transforming renewable energy into a power source that can be used at home.

Google, along with Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), has started a 'Little Box Challenge' to design and build a kW-scale power inverter, a device used to convert renewable energy, including solar and wind, before transforming it into suitable current for home and vehicles.

The challenge is that the new device has to be of the size of a small laptop, roughly 1/10th of the current size.

"We are looking for someone to build a kW-scale inverter with a power density greater than 50W per cubic inch. Do it best and we will give you a million bucks," Google said in a blogpost.

Google believes that this will help "change the future of electricity".

"We believe that inverters will become increasingly important to our economy and environment as solar PV, batteries, and similar power sources continue their rapid growth," Google said.

It added that the innovation coming in will have wide applicability across areas, will increase efficiency, drive down costs and open up new use cases.

Google said making the power inverter smaller would enable more solar-powered homes, more efficiently distributed electrical grids, and could help bring electricity to the most remote parts of the planet.

"A smaller inverter could help create low-cost microgrids in remote parts of the world. Or allow you to keep the lights on during a blackout via your electric car's battery. Or enable advances we haven't even thought of yet," Eric Raymond from Google's Green Team wrote.

The last date for registration is September 30, 2014, while the grand prize winner will be announced in January 2016.

2014年7月25日 星期五

Google to Collect Data to Define Healthy Human 最新科學計劃:人體健康基準線

Google Chromecast Hits 400M 'Casts' As It Turns One Year Old
Google Google Chromecast, the $35 digital media player dongle that competes against Roku and Apple Apple TV, has turned one today. To celebrate ...
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Google Coordinate now included with Maps Engine Pro subscription
Google Maps took a more corporate turn last fall with the introduction of Maps Engine Pro, an advanced version of the popular online directions tool ...
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Google, Apple And Facebook Are In The Clear. So Why The Angst?
When Google reported its earnings last week eMarketer ran an article that showed how Google along with Facebook accounted for over 72% of the ...
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Google Voice's website gets Hangouts integration, no Google+ account required
We're still waiting to see if Google will eventually merge Google Voice with Hangouts for Android and iOS, as has been anticipated for months now.
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The Holmes Report
Google Jogs Memories Meant to Be Forgotten, Watchdog Says
Google Inc. (GOOG) risks a fresh round of criticism after its attempts to apply a court ruling giving citizens the right to be forgotten backfired, Ireland's ...
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9 to 5 Google
Google Glass Banned at Comic-Con Panels
Google Glass users take note: If you're a fan of comics, movies, or excusive looks at comic-themed movies (or any movies in general, really), then you ...
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Wall Street Journal
Google to Collect Data to Define Healthy Human
Dr. Conrad joined Google X—the company's research arm—in March 2013, and he has built a team of about 70-to-100 experts from fields including ...
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Google Targeted in State Crackdown on Illicit Drug Ads
Google Inc. hasn't done enough to satisfy an investigation by multiple states into whether it adequately screens illegal drug advertisements and illicit ...
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Google Seals Deal to Buy Twitch for $1 Billion: Report
Google has finally clinched a deal to buy videogame-broadcasting company Twitch for $1 billion, VentureBeat reported, citing anonymous sources.
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Google Glass aids NJ woman with disability
Ashley Lasanta, who has cerebral palsy, was able to take photos and help with cooking thanks to Google Glass. Lasanta and Busch presented their ...
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閻紀宇 2014年07月25日 21:48
網路巨擘Google的「Google X」實驗室日前推出歷來最具野心、難度最高的科學計劃「基準線研究」(Baseline Study),然而它既非研發酷炫硬體(例如Google Glass、自駕車),與網際網路也沒有直接關聯(例如Google氣球計劃),而是鎖定一個再平凡不過也再重要不過的目標:人體健康。
初期計劃由分子生物學家康拉德(Andrew Conrad)領導,測繪對象僅175人,但日後規模將大幅擴張。至於研究團隊則涵蓋生理學、生物化學、光學、造影學與分子生物學。
基準線研究因為涵蓋數百種人體樣本,因此將運用多種新穎的診斷工具,包括Google X研發的可測血糖隱形眼鏡。資料蒐集到位之後,Google將運用它龐大的運算能力,找出深藏在資料中的模式或「生物標記」(biomarkers);對於疾病偵測,這些標記可以大幅提前時程。
由於人體是如此複雜,各項關鍵因子的互動有許多仍是謎團,環境因子也會有重大影響,因此基準線研究形同向未知領域的大躍進,與康拉德合作的史丹福大學放射醫學系主任甘布希爾(Sam Gambhir)說:「康拉德知道,這不是可以在一、兩年內完成的軟體計劃。」
Google對此強調,所有資料蒐集之後,都會完全去除身分資料 ,亦即所有的受試者都是「無名氏」。至於後續研究以及資料如何運用,將由史丹福大學與杜克大學(Duke University)監督控管,Google不可能為所欲為。