Teens turn to Pinterest to find looks they like.
John DePrisco for The Wall Street Journal
Teens’ strong opinions aren’t limited to where they shop. Over the course of our shopping trips with two groups of teens aged 15 to 18, they also revealed a lot about their use of technology and the apps they use when shopping. If you were worried teens aren’t that into FacebookFB +1.31%, you’re right. Likewise Apple'sAAPL +2.35% colorful iPhone 5c. Those observations and other snippets of their conversations follow:

“I’m on Instagram all the time..Pinterest, Refinery 29, and some TV shows like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ are places where I find looks that I like,” Caitie McNulty, 18, Mission, Kansas
“A lot of kids go on TwitterTWTR +1.79% at school. If they’re bored, they’ll pull up their feed. I follow news there. Instagram is for one-off pictures, I use that more, but I mostly use Facebook for posting albums, usually series of pictures I take for the school paper. We use Snapchat to send funny faces to each other.” — Goldia Kiteck, 17, Overland Park, Kansas

“I use Instagram and Twitter [because] it’s newer and more teens use it, the newer social media. I prefer those more to Facebook, because more people use them. If they used Facebook more, I would too. If you post on a popular website, more people see it, which is generally the goal. ” — Lily Warford, 15, Delmar, N.Y.

“I used to have the Samsung Galaxy, but that’s more of an adult phone. You don’t need all that in high school. So I sold it and bought a used iPhone 4S on eBay. I didn’t want a 5c. I don’t like the one distinct color. It looks like an iPod. Not a fan.” – Ms. Warford

“Wanelo is a good way to find ideas for things you like. I’ve bought and sold clothes on Poshmark, including the shoes I’m wearing now. Shopkick is another app that’s good for getting rewards for entering a store, but it’s not available in all the stores I go to.”–Kathy Hammer, 17, Merriam, Kansas