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Facebook takes on Google in search with new feature
Facebook fired a direct shot at Google and its vast search-engine empire on Tuesday with Graph Search, a new search tool for users to sift through piles of pictures, posts and places. facebook zuckerberg. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at Facebook ...
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Google Glass hackathons coming up in SF and NY
Google announced today that it is throwing two hackathons for developers to get to know and work on its Google Glass project. The people allowed to participate in the events are those who agreed to fork over $1,500 for the developer edition of the ...
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On Print's Turf, Google Wins for Creativity
New York Times
The Google Creative Lab entry was one of three finalists in the contest, which attracted about 100 entries that were judged by six advertising and media executives. The winning ad promoted the Google Plus Hangout service as an alternative to meetings ...
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Google drives into 'dead' donkey Street View controversy
... was shared (together with disgusted thoughts) multiple times on the Web. The Atlantic was also very moved, so much so that it contacted Google. A Google spokesperson insisted: "Our Street View teams take the safety of people and donkeys very seriously.
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Google denies its mapping crew killed Botswana donkey despite apparent Street ...
New York Daily News
Google maintains that the vehicle simply recorded the donkey resting. Then, when the truck arrived, it stood up. According to the photos, however, the donkey would have had to walk backwards for this order of events to be accurate, as News.com.au ...
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New York Daily News
Google's Zamboni doodle will kill your productivity
Well, you can say goodbye to productivity. The fine folks at Google released a new Zamboni-inspired doodle. And yes, it's every bit as amazing/fun/addicting as you'd expect. The Zamboni doodle celebrates Frank Zamboni's 112th birthday. Zamboni was an ...
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Did Google run over a donkey in Botswana?
Fox News
Google sent News.com.au internal Street View images but did not give permission for them to be published. In the photos, the company allege that the Google Street View car approached the donkey which was already lying down, which then gets up and ...
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Look Out, Google: Facebook Unveils Personalized Search Engine
Slate Magazine (blog)
MySlate is a new tool that lets you track your favorite parts of Slate. You can follow authors and sections, track comment threads you're interested in, and more. Facebook's new "Graph Search" promises to do things that Google can't. Courtesy of ...
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Google Accepting Doodles for Annual Contest
ABC News (blog)
Google has announced their opening for submissions for the sixth annual “Doodle 4 Google,” a yearly competition “inviting kids to dream big” to change Google's classic logo. This year's theme is “My Best Day Ever” which asks students in grades ...
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Google's Doodle 4 Google Logo Contest: Get Doodling, Kids
Some of the most lovable Google Doodles — the search engine's custom logos celebrating a particular subject — don't emerge from Google itself. They're the winners of the company's Doodle 4 Google contest, in which the company invites students from ...
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Google Adds Speech Recognition to Chrome Beta
PC Magazine
The future of Web browsing is here, according to Google, which today released an update to the beta version of its Chrome browser that allows for speech recognition. "Imagine if you could dictate documents, have a freestyle rap battle, or control game ...
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With regulators standing down, Google prepares Search 2.0
Earlier this month, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission opted not to pursue a lawsuit against Google's search business. In its view, Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) has not broken antitrust laws by promoting its own products over competitors' in its search ...
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Is North Korea Google's Utopian Straw Man?
Huffington Post (blog)
It's been amusing to watch the speculation around Google Chairman Eric Schmidt's visit to North Korea. The question on every writer's mind is, quite simply, what was the purpose of the visit? One of the core answers may lie in Google Ideas, headed by ...
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Daily Report: Google Invades the iPhone
New York Times (blog)  這篇所謂侵犯指Goole公司的APP等在其平台上盛行
As Nick Wingfield and Claire Cain Miller report on Monday in The New York Times, Google has become one of the most prolific and popular developers of apps for the iPhone, in effect helping its competitor make more appealing products — even as ...
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New York Times (blog)
Google Books and the librarian backlash
Roughly a decade ago, Google hatched an audacious plan: The company would scan the world's books and make them searchable. For our most recent ebook, The Battle for the Books: Inside Google's Gambit to Create the World's Biggest Library, GigaOM's ...
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How Google Is Forever Changing The Webinar
I've written about Google+ Hangouts On Air before. But that was when it was first introduced. Since then it has gained in acceptance among the technology community and larger corporations like Sage. And Google continues to develop more features, like ...
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Arris to Sell $150 Million in Shares to Comcast in Google Set-Top Acquisition
Fox Business
Cable equipment provider Arris Group Inc. (ARRS) has agreed to sell around $150 million in shares to Comcast Corp. (CMCSA, CMCSK) as part of its deal to buy Motorola Mobility's set-top box business from Google Inc. (GOOG). The broadband media ...
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The Guys Behind Google Wallet Want to Personalize Your Next Shopping Trip
When Marc Freed-Finnegan and Jonathan Wall left the Google Wallet team in 2012 to launch a startup, Silicon Valey watchers figured they were cooking up another mobile wallet. The two are finally revealing more details about their San Francisco-based ...
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Google Solicits User Input On Colors Of Hi-Tech Glasses (PHOTOS)
As Google gets closer to releasing its first batch of hi-tech glasses — called “Google Glass: Explorer Edition,” due out at some point in early 2013 — the company is increasingly gauging user interest and even advice on the project. Specifically ...
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過去一個月的大部分時間裡,谷歌於去年12月發佈的地圖應用一直是下載次數最多的程序。谷歌還推出了一個YouTube應用、Chrome網絡瀏覽 器的iPhone版,以及能更好使用Gmail服務的軟件。蘋果的App Store里有谷歌開發的20多個iPhone應用,而且還有iPad版本。
乍看之下,谷歌的策略似乎是在自我毀滅。但一些分析師和科技業高管稱,谷歌不過是在承認一個明顯的事實:熱情的iPhone用戶代表了谷歌想獲取的 巨大市場,這些客戶是廣告的目標群體,而且他們產生的大量數據可以讓谷歌改進自身的在線產品,而這些產品構成了谷歌大部分的利潤。
科技業研究公司奧特米特集團(Altimeter Group)的移動市場分析師克里斯·席爾瓦(Chris Silva)說,“給這些設備招攬用戶的最佳途徑就是讓他們使用各自的服務。找到他們在哪兒、讓他們使用這些服務,並且增加使用的人數,這樣的話,等到與 iPhone旗鼓相當的設備面世的時候,市場已經培育好了。”
蘋果的一名前高級僱員稱,在iPhone上市的早期,2011年去世的公司前首席執行官史蒂文·P·喬布斯(Steven P. Jobs)就不希望蘋果批准任何能取代iPhone核心功能的應用。
蘋果公司女發言人納塔莉·克里斯(Natalie Kerris)拒絕就本篇報道發表評論。
相反地,蘋果開始採用自己的地圖服務,但該服務因地標誤置和地址不準確等差錯而廣受批評。去年9月,蘋果首席執行官蒂莫西·D·庫克(Timothy D. Cook)為其地圖產品做出罕見的道歉聲明,這也是導致他後來對公司管理團隊做出調整的一個原因。
根據尼爾森諮詢公司(Nielsen)的數據,去年11月,有1180萬獨立用戶在美國下載了谷歌新開發的iPhone版YouTube應用,下載 谷歌搜索(Google Search)應用的獨立用戶為640萬。在用戶最多的iPhone應用排行中,這兩款應用都位居前20名。
“我們的目標是讓儘可能多的人能夠體驗谷歌提供的簡單易用的服務,”谷歌發言人克里斯托弗·卡塔斯羅斯(Christopher Katsaros)說,“現在,我們開發供iOS系統使用的應用已有一段時間,看到它們最近很受歡迎,我們非常高興。”
移動產業的獨立分析師舍唐·夏爾馬(Chetan Sharma)表示,谷歌對iOS系統的重視應該引起蘋果公司的擔憂。“這會推動蘋果在軟件領域做得更好,”他說,“他們現在有些落後了。”

Google Gains From Creating Apps for the Opposition

For many people, smartphone shopping comes down to a choice of Apple’s iPhone or one powered by Google’s Android software.
But now consumers can get an iPhone and fill it with Google.
Google has become one of the most prolific and popular developers of apps for the iPhone, in effect helping its competitor make more appealing products — even as relations between the companies have deteriorated.
While some of its Internet services were built into the iPhone from the start, Google has stepped up its presence in the last eight months, pumping out major new iPhone apps or improving old ones. It also has expanded efforts to hire developers to make more such apps.
A maps app Google released in December has been the most downloaded program for the iPhone for much of the last month. The company has cranked out a YouTube app, an iPhone version of its Chrome Web browser and better software for gaining access to its Gmail service. Two dozen iPhone apps from Google are available on Apple’s App Store, with variations for the iPad.
Google’s strategy may look self-defeating at first. But analysts and technology executives say it is simply acknowledging the obvious: that there is an enormous market of avid iPhone users it wants to reach, an audience that is a target for ads and that can yield a bonanza of data that will allow Google to improve the online products that produce much of its profits.
Google’s support for the iPhone also looks like a win for Apple, which, after all, makes money when it sells an iPhone that is used to gain access to Google services.
But potential risks lie in Google’s growing presence on Apple’s devices, especially when it comes to apps that replace basic functions like Web browsing, maps and e-mail.
IPhone users who spend much of their time in Google apps could deprive Apple of valuable data it needs to improve its own online services like maps. And those apps could help Google build a deeper connection with users that makes them more likely to switch entirely to Android smartphones later.
“The best way to recruit users to those devices is to get them using the services,” said Chris Silva, a mobile analyst at Altimeter Group, a tech industry research business. “Find them where they are, get them using the services and ramp them up so when they have devices equivalent to the iPhone, they are already in the market.”
Early in the iPhone era, Steven P. Jobs, the company’s former chief executive, who died in October 2011, did not want Apple to approve any apps for the device that replaced its core functions, one former senior Apple employee said.
Apple executives have long believed that they would need to build up many of the same services that Google offers to compete long-term in the mobile market, according to this person, who did not want to be named to avoid jeopardizing relationships.
Eventually, under scrutiny from federal regulators, Apple softened its stance and began allowing apps for the iPhone, like Web browsers, that competed with important built-in apps.
Natalie Kerris, a spokeswoman for Apple, declined to comment for this article.
Apple has moved to reduce the presence of Google services in apps that come installed on its phones. Last year it removed the YouTube app — one that Apple created for the earliest iPhones so they would have access to YouTube videos. It also stopped using Google data to power its mapping application.
Instead, Apple began using its own maps service, which has been widely criticized for mistakes, including misplaced landmarks and inaccurate addresses. Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, issued a rare apology last September for its maps product and later shook up the company’s management ranks, in part because of the problems.
Apple’s decision to stop including Google’s services on its devices forced Google to quickly ramp up its own software development for Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS.
Last November there were 11.8 million unique users of a new Google-created YouTube app for the iPhone in the United States, and 6.4 million users of its Google Search app, placing them both in the top 20 list of iPhone apps with the biggest audience, according to Nielsen.
In October, Google updated its search application for the iPhone with voice capabilities that more closely resembled those of Siri, the often-maligned virtual assistant included in the iPhone.
Google said it had not changed its strategy on Apple devices, but rather was continuing to build apps for all devices.
“Our goal is to make a simple, easy-to-use Google experience available to as many people as possible,” said Christopher Katsaros, a Google spokesman. “We’ve developed apps for iOS for some time now, and we’re delighted to see the recent enthusiasm for them.”
Unlike Apple, Google makes its money not from selling phones but from selling ads that appear on those phones. So it cares less about which phone a consumer uses and more about whether that consumer uses Google apps — and shares data with Google and sees Google ads.
When a consumer uses Chrome on the desktop at work, for instance, then opens the same tabs and continues using Chrome on phones elsewhere, Google knows much more about that consumer’s behavior, including the consumer’s location and the searches. The company’s hunger for such data has, of course, raised privacy concerns.
Chetan Sharma, an independent mobile analyst, says Google’s focus on iOS should concern Apple. “It just pushes Apple to up their game in software,” he said. “They’re kind of behind.”