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Goof Up / 「Chromebook」249


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Google Weighs Mobile-Patent Antitrust Settlement
Wall Street Journal
Google inherited a slew of lawsuits filed by Motorola against competitors for violating its patents as well as cases in which Motorola is being sued for refusing to license patents. Courts and antitrust authorities around the world have been grappling ...
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Wall Street Journal
Google Struggles to Boost Profit as Advertising Goes Mobile
San Francisco Chronicle
Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Google Inc.'s profit and sales are under pressure as the operator of the largest search engine struggles to wring advertising dollars from the growing number of people who surf the Web on tablets and smartphones. The company ...
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Google debuts $250 laptop -- the Chromebook
(CNN) -- Google laid out the next step of its Chromebook effort on Thursday by introducing a thin, light, Samsung-built laptop attached to a killer number — $250. "It's the best laptop that's ever been designed at this price," said Sundar Pichai, who ...
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Google says mobile payments growing fast but won't catch on overnight
The number of NFC (near-field communication) transactions with Google Wallet doubled in the first six weeks after the Aug. 1 launch of a cloud-based version, and that trend has continued, said Osama Bedier, Google's vice president of wallet and ...
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After Google disappoints, Page points at future growth chances
PCWorld (blog)
Google CEO Larry Page tried to put a positive spin on his company's poor third-quarter financial results, which were released prematurely Thursday and triggered a panicked stock sell-off before trading was abruptly halted. During a conference call with ...
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10 things Google won't tell you
Just this month, Google's so-called unified privacy policy, which took effect in March as a replacement for separate policies for search, email, maps and YouTube, came under serious scrutiny. European Union regulators, lead by France's National ...
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The Upside of Google's Mobile Ad Push
Wall Street Journal
Yet beyond the earnings malaise, Google has proved more adept than other Web companies at adjusting to the consumer shift toward mobile devices and the corresponding growth in mobile ads, analysts said. For one thing, Google's mobile-search ads have ...
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The Mobile Wave Rolls On
New York Times (blog)
Mr. Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, sidestepped my particular question, but he emphasized the broader context for the intellectual property disputes — the high-stakes competition between Google's Android software and Apple's iOS. “That ...
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Russia's Yandex targets Google with expansion abroad
Chicago Tribune
DUBLIN (Reuters) - Russia's leading internet search engine, Yandex, will take the fight to Google in emerging markets like Turkey in a bid to offset the inroads made by the U.S. giant in its home market. Yandex founder and chief executive Arkady Volozh ...
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Google Updates 'People Also Search For' Feature: Spoiler Alert, It's Helpful ...
Huffington Post
On October 19, the web giant launched a new update to the "People also search for" feature, which (you guessed it) displays related items users that other people also searched for on Google. You might recognize "People also searched for" if you've ever ...
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Google Profit Drops 20%; Shares Sink
Google's quarterly profit declined 20% as total costs jumped and advertising prices continued to slide. Shares dropped on the disappointing results, which were released prematurely.
Google Hit by Weak Results
Google's quarterly earnings report hit Wall Street more than three hours early on Thursday due to a glitch. The bigger glitch was what the Internet giant's results actually showed.
• Google's $249 Laptop

搶在微軟和蘋果推出新產品前,網路巨擘Google(谷歌)和三星 聯手合作,推出11.6吋螢幕,搭載Chrome Web瀏覽器、無硬碟機的全新「Chromebook」,定價249美元(台幣7470元),下周起在全美電子連鎖店和線上商店開賣,預計本周末開始接受 預訂。

這款和三星電子合作生產的輕薄型筆電搭載ChromeOS作業系統,配備11.6吋螢幕,但沒有硬碟,上網後才能使用Google等科技業者經營的大型資 料中心提供的線上文書處理、遊戲軟體與檔案儲存空間。筆電本身沒有檔案儲存空間,用戶也不能在筆電上安裝軟體,也就是說,這款筆電離線時幾無用武之地。
這是因為Google希望推動消費者從「雲端」使用軟體,遠離以個人電腦作業系統為主的應用程式,例如微軟的視窗。Google不會因為新筆電的銷售而獲利,主要收益有賴用戶透過新裝置使用Google Web相關服務。

Google Chrome產品開發全球資深副總裁Sundar Pichai表示,新「Chromebook」電池續航長達6.5小時,重量2.5磅(約1.13公斤),厚度不到0.8吋,是適合每個人的電腦。他說 「Chromebook」沒有硬碟,「我們努力幫助人們生活在雲端。」
• Stock Quote: GOOG

Google releases earnings prematurely, triggering stock sell-off
Los Angeles Times
Google, which was supposed to release earnings after the closing bell Thursday, jumped the gun and inadvertently dropped a disappointing third-quarter earnings report on unsuspecting investors during midday trading. Within minutes, the surprise miss ...
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Los Angeles Times
Google threatens to omit French media from search
In a letter sent by Google to a handful of government offices this month, which was obtained by AFP, the search giant said it "cannot accept" the law's requirements and "as a consequence would be required to no longer reference French sites." Google ...
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Google, Samsung to sell Chrome laptop for $249
The Seattle Times
It functions like a terminal dependent on an Internet connection to get to information and applications stored in large data centers run by Google Inc. or other technology providers. It's the least expensive Chromebook that Google has released in the ...
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Google snafu drags Wall Street lower
NBCNews.com (blog)
A sharp drop in Google's stock dragged the Nasdaq composite down 1 percent after a weak earnings report for the company was inadvertently released hours ahead of schedule. Other indexes closed with smaller losses Thursday. The Nasdaq lost 31 points ...
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Google Chrome OS
The good: Chrome OS continues to mature, as regular updates bring rapid improvement to the browser-based operating system. New changes we like include Google Play integration and 100 GB of Google Drive storage for free. The bad: Chrome the ...
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New Android Trojan Found in Google Play
PC Magazine
A new virus on Google Play called FakeLookout.A steals sensitive personal information from Android devices and transmits it to a remote FTP server operated by an unknown malicious actor, mobile security firm TrustGo Mobile said Thursday. FakeLookout.
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Google Halt Said Prudent by Thornburg, Too Long by Bahl & Gaynor
Shares in Mountain View, California-based Google tumbled after it reported profit and sales that missed analysts' estimates, saying the release was filed without authorization by printer R.R. Donnelly & Co. Nasdaq Stock Market's website shows the ...
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Google: Mobile searches during debate up 2000 percent from '08
Politico (blog)
Per Google's study, which was shared early with POLITICO, mobile searches during the debates have increased by 2,000 percent since 2008 — presumably a result of the fact that smartphone ownernship has also increased exponentially in the past four ...
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Google Looks To Steal Microsoft's Windows Phone Thunder
Google distributed invitations to media for an event scheduled to take place the morning of October 29. The tagline on the invitation reads: "The Playground Is Open." It also notes that the event will be Android themed. These are the only clues ...
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Google stock plummets after premature release of 3Q earnings
Washington Post
Google's stock plunged suddenly on Thursday afternoon after a contractor prematurely released the search company's third-quarter earnings report. Associated Press. Correction: Clarification: RELATED. The FOLD · E-mail · Save/Share · Embed · Comments ...
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